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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 25, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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we're picking up a course in and knocked the scorn of the country and skivvy the broad overview of travel round u.s. a lot of folks had and i'll stick to the family and friends for thanksgiving if you're headed down to florida at 81 degrees the expected high miami 19
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degrees so high up there in the colors of up to montana is on to become the cold side for you as a is upon us here as well. >>james: if you're traveling away know the to may run into that you're heading to scare up near lake tahoe we have snow pack of the fallen right now as a result of the with storm warning in effect until noon and affect the western slopes was you're going to north shore south lake nickel into into the snow-covered down.
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>>mark: chain requirements we have on that very traffic. >>george: faugh >>george: within tracking a minor delay on 80 in the northbound direction there is a big rig accident here on the shoulder and broadway is not
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blocking in the traffic lanes is on the at about four minutes of the drive times this is a much better commit the usual to the clintons filed with another 30 or 28 minute drive times for 880 north bond in the south paint the couple of minor incidents of account for these the latest on 101 north about the drive times an exceptionally good 22 minutes the 280 ride north bound to pick it will be 28 to 32 minutes at this time half the normal drive not in 17 minutes to walk around. >>mark: and after patients if you're headed away from home distance given the air force and rose are expected to be more product last year nearly 47 million americans will travel in the to the mouth of the home to take a sudden becomes a job on the lead the team or cities in the west are san francisco lost angeles and seattle to cut to about 40 percent longer and even from a normal with the they convict.
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>>anny hong:-- >>will tran: security is sky- high we have never seen billy would never seen so many police officers murphy's law they're not here but in between live shot 45 please talk to some east, going on around making sure the to do not were bought them approaching you there meccas of their presence is known you would not have a problem if you leave now we're in the head of the morning commute everything is on time and no major traffic problems with the problems across the country the security checkpoint line this is what he'll face a come down 27 at 9:00 in the
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morning at the time we wish to or taking off to the. >>will tran:
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>>jackie sissel: this is one of the good news battle to force people waiting in line here at the bay bridge there may be a lot of people waiting all day long because traffic is going to be up there today to expect according to aaa 47 million people to travel by car at least 50 mi. over the next couple of days in fact have the server from using san francisco as one of the worst countries in the entire country for travel on
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to them the day before thanksgiving to tell us exactly why is this so that in fact lost answer is no surprise there is the worst was a d.c. a second san francisco ranked third and ran up top five and filling in dallas the worst time to travel are going to be between 3:00 and 5:00 this evening. >>jackie sissel: was to get on the road you actually paid less at the pump which is really good news is the lowest gas prices we've seen since 2008 and at the just last month instead of california gas prices plummet almost 13¢.
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>>jackie sissel: the, you can see traffic right now but its a lot of commuters to its time between 2 36:00 are really going to be the heavy traffic time if you can get on the road early.
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. >>mark: 30 get this team ready before the game against los angeles that his last nine the had a dismal light shooting one of 14 and just four. and here he is with former teammate walter m.
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>>mark: dubs and fantastic in the sun to offer that came 630 of my potestas chicago are now over but demonstrators did take the streets early this man at the release of a video showing a white police officers shooting of black teenage suspect 16 times the to protest the blocking of freeway in major intersection they're chanting and west 10th but these protests were mostly peaceful their protest of the killing of 17 year-old in october of last year also jason van dyke said mcdonnell had a knife with a three into blade the
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investigation determined that the officer was on the simplest and 30 seconds. >>mark: his charges where credit is the man accused of killing an artist working on a mayor and oakland market tumble we started thrashing and screaming for phantom of the judge read the charges he is accused of killing 27 your and tunnel rommel's as it was painted a
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mural at a freeway underpass and oakland this and he admitted to the shooting there police questioned a said was an accident is due back in court on monday. >>mark: that had a gun stolen which confront the weapons belonged to a federal officer with immigration and customs enforcement was taken from a car in san francisco this comes after several similar incidents into the lead to this id the gun was used quatorze and golden gate park and a hiker or more in october was also the end of stolen from a car parked in fisherman's wharf just last week the san jose police department issued guns and stolen from a car that belonged to could that it is along with the department and the gun is still missing. >>anny hong: 4 professing charges accuse the vandalizing the alameda creek and wasting millions of gallons of water
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police said the they're responsible for the strong and credible and wasting 50 million gal. of water back in may this event video and history of sticking to the area and destroying it the water that leaked was enough to provide 500 homes with enough water for about a year cause reversal ad tech on new york's subway tile and the suns responded to people who are offended.
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>>mark: to the look of the slow and the sea resorts more snow expected to hit later this week.
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>>james: cars definable cicada of off a cold and to take a look of the high for the tahoe area in the twenties would those drops down to single-digit 98 degrees 6 degrees in approach and will mature you're dressed the part of an the other end of the spectrum and have the topic we want to bring up to the latest of hurricane center here
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was a quick look is going to be what retinol sent a category 2 hurricane will depress the clock forward to four hours early thursday morning and a ton for hours and begins to weaken a category 1 by friday morning and by saturday early we're looking at a tropical storm at that point. >>james: the macarena done issue on the rain fall and at the moment the live shot looks great in san francisco to berlin and the concerns as with the call forecast of a bridge here is a quick look at temperatures 30
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degrees there with the freezing mark of fairfield 39 pleasanton 37 in livermore 30 in conference and the sock a san jose secondly, in an exacta 41 degrees. >>george: right now they're no delays westbound and to the macarthur maze it in with a couple of incidents on the
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roadway we are not tracking any major delays for hot spots for you're ride on the bank there was an accident as reported in more ran work on one 01 southbound at the close down the road that the traffic sloan. >>mark: second the pilot from russian warplane the shutdown and the syrian border has been rescued with a video of the plan came crashing down yesterday the foreign minister said that of both countries agree to discuss the down and that turkey says happen because the russian jet entered its airspace also or
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russian soldier was killed. >>anny hong: it to see the crowd and not have written funerals held in paris over last few days the 130 killed 105 were from france on five different holder national tribute to the victims the president is expected to attend along with many of the 350 people who've injured in the attacks. >>anny hong: 6 heart randy
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services giving out thousands of food boxes to low income families for thanksgiving with their still 400 turkish shore for the final date of distribution if you like to help until i had to set her off as a sop for street and west palm avenue. >>mark: five people hospitalized including to what form kidney failure health officials said you ought to concelebrant in the u.s. costco store on the before last friday to pull away.
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he did not cause any major changes to water quality or kill many fish his time to get the ok to implode the remaining 21 appears the same way they used a bubble occurred to try and protect wildlife in prevent debris from spreading the quality is measured after the blast and was better than expected. >>anny hong: it will be taken down after complaints about not see symmetry the series of pictures lost of theology and the stress and in japan one were to the ad showed refashion u.s. flags and a corporate not to germany and a period equal in japan rising sun.
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>>mark: 112 was tested and that of of of higher than a new strip the federal limits on metal alloys this was the more for about action figure we have more for you the toilet door on the
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list of dangerous toys include the slick jr. the son of a jump rope and the district itself finding nemo. >>mark: have a complete list if you want to take a look and the reason behind all their considered dangerous. >>anny hong: the high in july reported that low returns themselves as all look for a harvest is not sparkling the seals of the dollar surged test car broke international and domestic sales shares of tiffany's are down nearly 30%.
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>>mark: it would shock the economy down and rest in the bank and trust games still had a you could help decide which turkey is the presidential pardon today will explain how and after breck of multimillion- dollar home is for sale complete with a movie theater there no one else we will explain--no windows.
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>>george: could see if this trend continues to me during my stick activated in the next hour or two as is really like ride and has been here at the san mateo bridge was problem free in the west about and is wrong direction and 11 minute commit time with your having to and from hayward from you're ride into marin county just a short wait at the richmond bridge toll plaza but not really a back of it is a 10 minute trip time headed over to san rafael, and a quick check from the golden gate bridge shows a like an easy ride here again expected we may see a
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third man added in the northbound direction before 10:00. >>anny hong: good news if you're headed to the airport this one with much for every 1000 that is trip 0.3 to not make the to lead this mentioned as improvement compared to the 7.2.
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>>mark: the bunker was one of $9 book across the country is on one as part of the home plus $14 a square feet 50 ft. on the ground as it has 04 luxury apartments and a full kitchen the asking price to 17 and half million dollars.
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>>james: mersenne temperatures down near the freezing mark for a system like santa rosa tear couple things you need to talk about the weather here going forward.
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>>mark: to could check it out and adopted it you can to traffic dollars to help you get your destination even faster with the global application.
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>>anny hong: they invested in research from the bodies of his parents david wilson and into and chapman were found inside of there, a sebastopol detective save the on call saw on a home with bloodstains on his body and wilson is being held without bail and some county jail. >>mark: the and the man was shot after a fight with employes at the convenience store in fairfield police said the shootings happened monday night on west texas tree officer said the man puts the store employee to try to punch another that he left the store is said that is in the heard a gunshot and the man was found across the street short time later. >>anny hong: identified the man
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who was shot and killed while driving on interstate 80 and paulo earlier this month to a second tunnel rat when the some sale was killed he was shot near pinole valley road about two weeks ago is the video for the same police said he was shot by someone in another vehicle the passenger was also injured in the shooting that try to figure out of that children is connected to another shooting on interstate 80 about a week earlier the man injured in the shooting. is expected shooting. >>mark:. >>anny hong: it was a bizarre sight in san francisco we since a couple of time and to men spotted parts of top of a free recital yesterday on the
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eastbound side of i 80 safety officers spotted him run to 30 and immediately rushed to the same is not the only person that it up interstate 80 there was a woman the of the week and on the bay bridge and also close to track sessions since he of the sadistic got him to pull his pants on and then i talked to down. >>mark: never seen kicking in
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the door and still the month in food from the cafe police said these boys to the saving of two other restaurants as well as several businesses and los of tools people also the seat tube mills, hot shower of the shelters will be open this evening as well and saw hussein some of the show to include the bill wilson center a montgomery street and city team ministry.
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>>mark: is the highest civilian honor of president obama praised leafless skills on the baseball field as well as the service to the nation he was one of 17 people to be given the, including steven spielberg. >>anny hong: you remember the tech to call from a sfo to
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washington d.c. on monday we brought that to you live for has 6 servers all around and to vote online for which one will be the official national thanksgiving turkey the couple will be the alternate is a web of the spare and about the rest of their lives at mount vernon.
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>>anny hong: he had called--he got caught. >>anny hong: when police got to the scene the man and a dark red master rendered his not been charged with armed robbery of the test with a deadly bug called up to seven but is making a comeback in taxes and income by cute and where but and is commonly known to buy when
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people sleep because their backs and faces are exposed less with the nickname comes from the start with a single bite the comes out to feed at night and carries a parasite which causes of disease and multiple experience to like symptoms for a few days about 7 percent of people can survive but with treatment but for the rest of the disease is fatal. >>james: more on your forecast if you're heading up their distance the weekend to take a look at the different resorts that all enjoy fresh no right now the ballot we have to not of the 42 left open right now with the base of 23 in. dollars before start of fall clear whether the updated numbers now.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: for all those people that lead of the morning when he was caring and the sharks banner it is standard and perhaps all the way when i'm
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teasing on tv do not by a client shark's fin >>gary: 7 1¢ to have been heroes a grown-up and there's a lot of
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people like us put mother and father led the way for me. >>gary: if you're planning a 20 appear mecca $24 million in the of the sports entire life could you quit. >>mark: the record of you to go for more records 33 consecutive games when that is the 7172
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lakers if you go back to last season a regular-season the war is now 20 and raw and they would tie the record in picking winning them will go for the type of 33 that will be on christmas day against the cavaliers apoplectic.
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>>gary: they're just incredible and sometimes with the chemistry is overdone if he did not the players you can have the best chemistry >>gary: if he was on a better team he might not look that bad.
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>>mark: he came from duke and the defense a feeling for him and putting out this video here.
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>>gary: he should probably critical to tie school. >>gary: professional athlete in the you do not want to lose the distilled pretty life--good life. >>gary: 9 wedded to you and flipping around and it was a tragedy last night. i think a tragedy is someone lose and a loved one and a horrible situation.
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>>gary: 01 our referenced in recent time michael irvin was officer hall of famer 3 raines led the cowboys one of the leaders and then made one year. >>gary: you forget the football life care all once and they showed all the stunted he's pulled he's had quite a few east
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>>mark: happy thanksgiving >>mark: we will be right back on the news continue.
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>>mark: is making a statement coming up shortly on the national security will bring him the comments coming up soon to begin speaking shortly the 25 also the 10 top-selling album in 2015 or take a walk on 7 billion copies she would not allow out to be all in the streaming servers including apple music and spotify. >>anny hong: 300,000 ft. on monday and an incentive back on earth chances will step into the coffin and a vehicle that will
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start taking people up into space. >>gabe slate: and declares war on prices what exactly are they doing and how are they doing if i were brought down for you in the tech report.
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this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> mark: prison on bomb will be addressing the nation and about 40 minutes. >> reporter: will bring that to lie if this is a starts. >> mark: where following are whether for the holiday. >> reporter: weather hitting the road flying gorgeous keeping local, kron 4 trans his monotremes holiday travel.
8:01 am
>> james: we will show you on the map for that matter and it may pose a threat. we will see this on public down to the south to the l.a.. as you take a look at the whole country high temperatures are pretty good and places like florida and south texas were to be the upper seventies to low 80s, the rest of the country grow as much cooler by comparison. these to come in the mid '50s and a closer in billings montana will be 1948 minneapolis 14 in upstate new york. quickly calif. his the long reign that we were dealing with not too long ago. if the heading of tahoe we still have acted snow
8:02 am
falling today which is great news for the resort and great news depending on the fear heading up there to enjoy the snow. conditions should improve after that. we're looking at an additional three to 6 in. of snowfall before it's all said and done. >> mark: popular show you a video from this morning of the snow in tahoe. the roads are covered today with no. george is watching the area with chain requirements. >> george: there are still chain requirements interstate 880 through the sierra and on friday. we suspected the like may be turned off for the bay bridge toll plaza but the party
8:03 am
have even before 8:00. that's how light the ride is here. even the we had a couple of incidents here on the nimitz freeway northbound we're still looking at wider than usual traffic to the northbound ride, instead of being 30 to 35 minutes into a 22 minute trip time from san leandro to oakland. >> mark: airports and roads are expected to be more crowded than last year. aaa says one 47 million americans will be traveling from home. the seating travel in the west, and in seattle could take about 40 percent longer than it would on a typical afternoon. >> anny: give yourself an extra
8:04 am
50 minutes to an hour of drive time getting, to the airport is not the time to get through increased security. >> will: a cliche the security search. all morning-telling you about the increased presence of officers here, there's to anders another one on his bicycle. tests tsk. this is one of the busiest days the new spread throughout the week but you get the point. thousands of people are taking off to see friends and family. it the look too bad compared to what it was about 25 minutes ago. the are lot of people we spoke to this morning. we spoke about holiday
8:05 am
season how, bad things can be, or earth the terror after hot on the plane housekeeping's can be the state's. >> we thought we were little better prepared but weren't a little behind schedule. >> will: are you afraid of flying? >> know i was fearful because of the crowd, and late because of the crowd. >> will: it has been looking at you like speak for yourself. >> with a dream she security i think it's like she said this more hostile crowd. >> will: nothing canceled so far this morning. when a jury the police officers in the terminal, we are internal to.
8:06 am
will swing the camera around when we can show you, the officer walked away but there is a canine dog to make sure. the ciskei today. >> anny: we're going to keep coverage of the travel this morning with jackie. >> mark: and casting gas prices are nice change. >> jackie: 47 million people are expected to take to the roadway and drive at least 50 mi. by car in the next day. it will feel like all 47 million of them are here in the bay area. thanksgiving day and its 84
8:07 am
traffic is going to be quite that. according to one survey from fortune magazine to be no. 3 on the list only behind l.a. and washington d.c.. they tell you if you cannot avoid the peak hours which are between three and 5:00. you will want to get on the road you'll be paying for less in gas. we have seen gas prices dropped about 13¢ here in california all the last couple of weeks, which is great news for people who are hitting the road today. i talked to one traveler this morning and he couldn't be happier. >> i love it i mean this means i can travel more than i could before, for the distances. >> jackie: how to paying.
8:08 am
>> up to 45 2.45. >> jackie: your heard how much he's paying for gas,, to is the average for the rest of us? other places are down to 2 05 for the average. it's 267 for oakland and san jose. fill up and get in the cart early because if you can view, will avoid the rush hour traffic between the three and 5:00. traffic is flowing issing also can get your car and get out. >> mark: the sic a live look from kirkwood. more on snow
8:09 am
fall, what's expected in the ski report. >> anny: and a baby abandoned any to the scene, pictures coming in this morning. >> reporter: president obama will address the nation, everyone is anxiously awaiting what he will save about 35 minutes
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mark welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> mark: we looking at its have abandoned at a nativity scene. a man heard a baby crying and looked in the manger and for the church, finding a newborn baby wrapped in towels. people are able to drop off newborns at the church anonymously without getting in trouble, but the baby has to be left with someone. because this didn't happen investigators are looking into who is responsible. >> reporter: temperature being very cold mid-50s bay area
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of that will come back breaking news looking to wait for president obama to brief the nation about the common security for the holiday season. we will bring you back to live with his will speaks bus at 840. >> mark: but that, but the lines
8:16 am
already. i was at a ski shop in marin yester day, and there's so many people packed around their. there's so many people heading up this whole. >> reporter: giving up there's this morning is going to be little tough, when asked on facebook is said the afternoon maybe better. >> reporter: active snow falling, at it should expire this afternoon and after that it'll be much easier to get up there. dress appropriately, i know you bundle up going out to talk " but temperatures are going to really cold 9 degrees 8 degrees and then to six degrees
8:17 am
. it will be frigid but fantastic for skiers and snow boarders because of the fresh powder. storm tracker 4 a buy for a are showing nothing in the way of rain. but to the image here, the san mateo bridge has lots of sunshine with puffy clouds, but it does cold. it's a little warmer now and fairfield, which was also a freezing this morning, now it's at 37 degrees. slowly but surely the sun is breaking through the clouds and breaking up the storm a little bit. later on this afternoon we will max out at the mid '50s, which is what we are
8:18 am
typically at this time of year. here's the three out, again today there's a chance of light showers this morning, thursday and friday look good, things giving it may be cold morning. by tomorrow is to be widespread rigging get down to the freezing mark. >> george: this is a kind of didn't put a traffic reporter out of work, reading lights were turned off just about 30 minutes ago for the ride. the is and about 11 minute trip time in two sentences go. the 11 minutes in both directions down to richmond bay seasoning rich friend sandra fell bridge is back up. they're
8:19 am
no delays for the south found ride, it's a little sluggish, in northern marin. even with intermittent trafficked in the wake of an couple of earlier occuring problems the drive time is still well below a normal commute time which is about 30 minutes in san leandro into oakland. the system slows traffic we have around. >> mark: pilots were shot down on the border,. we have a video of the plane and shot down, and spoke with vladimir to in. the pilot was killed when turkish
8:20 am
pact fighter jets shot the russian jet down. the administrators of both countries have agreed to discuss. isis is now releasing a heavily propaganda deal, it was directed at the u.s. is now rated in english. president obama and french president met at the white house yesterday. president obama said he in france spoke and i will speak about national security and about 30 minutes. >> anny: 130 people died in the attacks two weeks ago in paris. you can now see the crowds gathered together for funerals in paris for the past few days. 130 killed and 105 of those from
8:21 am
france. there will be a national tribute to those people who were children and children in the attack. >>yelling >> anny: con 4 is in court after a man accused of working on a mural and oakland, he started thrashing in spring profanity. he is pitting them mural and a freeway underpass in oakland. he admitted to this shooting during police questioning but he said was an accident. his 2 back in court on monday. >> mark: a federal effort server had a gun stolen. we're
8:22 am
disconfirming in learning about . please see the gun that was used to kill interest in golden gate park in the man in marin was a gun stolen from an officer's car. the shooting in july had a gun was taken from a car. as last week the san jose if she'd done was stolen there was taken from cadet. person no longer belongs to the department and the gun is still missing. >> anny: during your black friday shopping and you'll have a look at the toys you may want to avoid. we're live the the white house this morning waiting for the president obama to wrap up a meeting and addressed the nation.
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8:25 am
>> mark: the annual report on hazardous tories. trouble in toyland survey was released yesterday by the research group's. the victim the 200 major toys show sold in stores.
8:26 am
there were still toys that were flat as dangerous so. more due to chemicals others choking hazard. >> to the importance and all the fault was united states meet certain requirements. >> mark: only took one to way was found that hadn't bled limits above. john breaux from the dory figurines. you can check these out on the kron 4 web site. >> anny: airlines are getting better at handling backs. the loss has gone down by 50 percent. this is an improvement
8:27 am
from back in 2007. january tends to be bred worst season for lost bags due to increased passengers and winter delays. >> reporter: we have a live look at 80, the tough drive up to the sierra. chain requirements are still in place. and a live look at the white house, president obama said he will address the nation about 10 minutes time but just, seeing security.
8:28 am
e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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>> anny: we are following breaking news for you this morning. we have a live look at the white house waiting for president obama to speak. he just had a meeting with his security team in the situation room. they're no plots for the tax in the u.s. if there were in paris but they do want to protect people as they're heading into holiday season traffic. >> mark: were falling the latest in the sierra as many people be heading up that area. snow is concerned for the holiday. joining us now from c h p is
8:31 am
officer peter and. to morning. if people are added up this afternoon due to the shipping their chains or should it be ok? >> you know we always advise people carry their chains during the winter because conditions can change very quickly. chains are in effect for about 25 mi.. >> anny: house so is traffic, any accidents? >> with a little bit busy this morning but drivers are behaving more. it is a bit of a slope low as you get through chains control when to get to that things are going ok. usually between the new in an 5:00 hour
8:32 am
is when we see the peak travel time. feisty you is if your driving later in the day is definitely be cautious, change control may come down later in the day. temperatures are cold. >> mark: think your office a man for joining us a happy thanksgiving to you. >> you to. >> mark: pat traffic from the bay has been lack by at least right. >> george: u.s. highway 50 chains control his and put into effect as well. >> james: tahoe has loews and we will have closed down here to. the cold cut right through you wish to be the same through the wheat. as you take a look at the
8:33 am
golden gate bridge will look at the forecast. temperatures and 8:00 our are still struggling to get out of the upper thirties. i mean time both fifties around the bay. by 3:00 this afternoon tinges of the low to mid 50's. in the bicol tonight is to go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning. but to the traffic center update. >> george: it's not a traffic incident but it is having a traffic impact. paul has opened up on the nimitz freeway eat 80 southdown's in the right-hand lanes. those two lanes to been shut down while cruz patch data. because traffic is so
8:34 am
light today as it has been all week it's only a 22 minute trip time even with the distraction norse found on the nimitz from san leandro to oakland. the meeting lights were turned off the bay bridge sorenson 11 minute trip time from san francisco to the macarthur maze. >> mark: the warriors have the best start to the season was their 16th and 0. the warriors can navigate hot, is no question who's gonna win this one. john green finished with 18, and stephen curry was doing stephen curry things. kobe bryant only shot one of 14. the
8:35 am
only non his approval to coach and former teammates. the warriors finished with a big win and 111 to 77. >> misses in nba history. there's a lot a season left but were on the right track. >> mark: 630 our time tipoff against the suns. >> anny: the man accused of stabbing his parents to death will appear in court. 34 year- old alexandra wilson was arrested after an alert was issued as investigators search for him. the parents were found in their home, and wilson's on kohl saw him in the home with bloodstains on his body. this
8:36 am
can be difficult to deal with. and he will be arrested without fail in the sonoma county jail. the motor home is for sale complete with a movie theater, to explain after the break. here's a live look at the roosevelt room and the white house where we're be a waiting for obama.
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>> anny: will impact. pekingese alive lookit the white house that while we wait for president obama to finish up a meeting. mr. obama once to brief the public today about the nation's, and security position heading into the holiday. >> mark: a multimillion dollar compound and tortures for sale, it is underground. these pictures show what it's like from inside. it was built in 1969 by the army's. it was during the new killer wore with russia. the people renovate it
8:40 am
said it was indestructible. >> this place cannot protect you against anything tornadoes hurricane storms. it's built to withstand a 20 million lbs. new cure bomb. >> mark: is 50 ft. below the ground. is going for self for just 17 and half million dollars. excuse >> anny: its tradition to save a turkey on thanksgiving. you may remember that the turkey tipoff from sfo to washington d.c. on
8:41 am
monday,. you can now vote online for which turkey will be the national turkey, either way they will both be spare them about their lives in mount vernon. >> mark: the president met with his national security team decided to address the nation. it is just two days ago the the was a worldwide terror alert put out for u.s. citizens traveling to across the seas. as we head into a busy holiday season a, and in the wake of terrorist attacks. the president is scheduled 840 but we do know he's a busy president.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
track yesterday are moving toward saturn california. the snow that we have been hammering is moving. if looking for snowboarding testing conditions the snow is falling fresh powder just feel. >> george: with its quick look at what we can expect >> james: 3 cold mornings. is to begin tomorrow morning, you may wonder bring the pac-10. temperatures are only in the mid to upper 50s. that's a bit lower than we would be this time of
8:46 am
year. we're looking at conditions that may be an annoyance to you, with the tide's coming up high. around the bay the temperatures are 39 in pleasanton, the the rest of the day's low mid-40s. this afternoon of the war a warm-up to load mid-50s was to be as warm as it gets. for barely getting above the 50 degree mark through the weekend.. if heading up to top all his years t-bond dock, report. the 23 in to this
8:47 am
call. those deaths were recorded before the snow was falling. put george >> george: what you experience much lighter than normal conditions. take a look to the bridges the bay bridge. the lights were turned off an hour ago, there no delays across the span. the eastbound ride equally good. 11 minutes when the east or west found. there was a back at the bay bridge and, not much of one, but here there are no delays. the golden gate bridge were so tracking for orleans north and three leading south, may change it 10:00 this morning. in oakland there's been
8:48 am
emergency road repair on 880 in the southbound direction that has backed up traffic. they have picked up the road work a little earlier than expected in the to right-hand lanes. the drive time has dropped to 19 minutes on the northbound side, the typical commute at this hour would be 30 minutes north found . >> anny: must go back to the white house. they just placed mr. obama speech on the podium. as a obama is expected to brief the nation on the security position is we had in to holiday. he will speak life in the moment is his he comes out.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> mark: we're waiting for president obama to begin speaking at any moment now. he is a little bit behind schedule today but after he met the national security team in assists situation room, the president is bound to come out and make a few brief comments. he is told not to answer any questions from the media. this comes after a high-profile meeting. the white house is saying this morning that there
8:51 am
is no specific and test televisions that there's anything at plot here in the u.s.. the white house is saying that mr. obama wants to monitor threats and evaluate security procedures, as millions of americans are taking to the skies and roads for the holiday season. he is expected to take to the podium any minute now and speak on national security. we just saw.. >> mark: we just got training in new york's his city. they added suicide vest into the training. the are vague threats to the u.s., but officials say there
8:52 am
are no threats here in the u.s.. their concerns for a americans traveling abroad, they just want people to be aware of where they are. you're waiting for president obama to come out . americans need to travel and go about their travel plans during the holiday season. will take a quick break and come back with the president's. >> anny: with thinking he's coming out any minute. he may violate a specially with speaking with the public. he met with the french president and reiterated that we are standing
8:53 am
with france against crisis. this morning he's expected tickets speak more about national security, again no and it threats against the white house or the u.s.. he met with his national security experts in the situation room, because of that he will want to talk to the public about national security. >> reporter: and the u.s.-led air strikes is only increased worldwide resolve. we now see britain becoming involved in the attacks in syria trying to wipe out ices. soon >> james: it looks pretty good.
8:54 am
i would update everyone's travel plans to tahoe, his quick look what we're seeing in the sierra. this storm in effect until noon today. any part of tahoe u.n. had to work drive through, the snow falling right now. the snow is falling out of the resort's. they're looking from six anywhere up to 8 in. of snow. here's a look if see their forecast, when to get there it looks fantastic. the second half of today will be more clear than the first half. look at the lows and highs for both thursday and friday soon, mid-20s is the high. the temperatures will be
8:55 am
in the single-digit since. the benign and decrease for the overnight eight degree, on thursday and six degrees on friday. as for are rather hear around the bay the slickest and have plans for what you can expect. if you're close to home to be cold mornings. we'll also be flirting with the freezing mark as temperatures are in the 30's to forties in the bay area tomorrow morning. we're talking 32 to 30 degrees or slightly below. the forecast is dry. the high tide is still a factor. here's a quick cooking is seven day around the bay forecast, we're looking the conditions
8:56 am
that will stay cool with high- school me in the mid '50s thursday friday saturday and sunday. >> mark: the president appears to still be a few minutes from coming out we will take a quick break.
8:57 am
>> mark: a live look were
8:58 am
waiting for a president obama to take the podium and address the nation shortly regarding security. this was not on the president's schedule it was an impromptu speech to the nation after meeting with his security team this morning. it was scheduled at 8:40 a.m. but the president has not, get. hopefully the president is coming up to assure the nation the there's no specific threat against americans as we approach the thanksgiving holiday. 46 million americans are planning on traveling over the holiday season. we will go live as soon as it happens, right now we're looking holiday travel whether. we're watching fight implications, and the bay area after a wild storm came through with heavy rain and very cold
8:59 am
temperatures. trans is live at sfo, we will go up to him in a moment. cushing's their cold temperatures. >> james: there is rain to our south and snow off to the east in the direction of tahoe. here's a look the travel forecast as you look nationwide, it looks pretty good. an easing of looking just fine. they're nice warm temperatures to the south. miami is 81 which we would go to for the warm weather, 48 minneapolis 49 york and 46 near seattle. in
9:00 am
california this rain to the south which will drive into a few plants take you through loss angeles.
9:01 am
9:02 am
>>mark: delays expected at the airport will be added as security. >>will tran: she has never seen so many police officers patrolling the terminals just to make sure president obama is speaking now. >>: for regular updates on security posture paul's parents got into the holiday season we
9:03 am
think all this recognize now terrific and heinous what took place in paris was and as we said yesterday for many of us given touch to the court even the connection between united states and france to the degree to which americans see in paris it is understandable that people were read something similar could happen here watching the events in paris made the threat feel closer to home sold as we go to thanksgiving weekend we
9:04 am
want the american people to know is that we are taking every possible steps to keep our homelands safe. >>: ebola after i saw were ever prizes and our strategy for more than a year will speak about this in more detail in the coming weeks they have taken out key leaders then taken back territory from i sold in both iraq and syria. >>: until their beat was the
9:05 am
first go second we continue to do everything possible to prevent attacks at home and abroad and to prevent foreign terrorists fighters in and around the united states or other nations since nine level will take an extraordinary measures to strengthen our homeland security and in return for an invitation to carry to border security and information we have improved upon these actions of our time.
9:06 am
>>: is similar to the information that the briefing that we received on saturday and before i left my trip last week as americans travel this weekend to be with their loved ones i want to know that our counter- terrorism intelligence home run security and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime they're continually monitoring threats at home and abroad for what the
9:07 am
american people to now entering the holidays and the combined resources of what military our intelligence and home security agencies are on the case.
9:08 am
>>mark: there you have a president obama meeting with his national security team with the american have thanksgiving of reassuring the american people there is no specific or credible intelligence involvement in terrorist plot here in the united states will concede of all the latest washington. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm.
9:09 am
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9:10 am
>>will tran: super heavy presence the heaviest i've seen a long time for one for his toughest wafting in with 6 minute or here is another one of his wealth they stepped it up during the holiday travel but especially at the terrace tent for asked fiscal fifth many
9:11 am
people taking off today broke a tackle for the sooner the to soften the scare the make of takeoffs than mourn for leave the door behind me to great words i'd love to pass along what kind. >>jackie sissel: good news out here this morning traffic is not too bad but it is on to the worst of the day goes on it and expect to see these roadways especially here in the east bank
9:12 am
will raise really come up as they move for a fact have a servant saying that san francisco bay area is one of the worst as farce thanksgiving travel. >>jackie sissel: if you tend to travel or for any time between in this calf. >>jackie sissel: was to get out on the road will pay a little less for gas because gas prices continued to tumble battle since 2008 over thanksgiving day holiday which is great news for a lot of people because they're expected to see about 47 million people countrywide travel and it's 50 mi. and had a chance to talk to one early this morning he says he's happy about the lower gas prices.
9:13 am
the key to travel today is if you can hit the road early you concede right now the traffic is not too bad today moves on of expect to see the traffic.
9:14 am
>>mark: will be right back.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>george: 92 ride out of the east bay 0 delays on the approach a quick look it was
9:17 am
going on in the south bay the grin on the road we since then that tells the story 18 minutes from the copper exports went to the montague expressway 13 minutes of normally up 30 to 35 minute drive times. >>george: that led to fremont southbound on 680. >>james: want to jump right into the mapping of the trouble forecast of the california you're heading to the scare or heading to los angeles your run into line on the way south and snow if you get out to the east and up into the high sierra taller
9:18 am
>>james: it will only get colder if we get into each morning from here on today mild low to mid 50's for most of the extended forecast of the for the third thing is going to be most sunny especially in the morning early in the morning when the law to cut one to the floor with the freezing mark in the north the valley and the east led them and maybe even some isolated pockets of the south bay as well. >>mark: our consumer spending doing that well >>rob black: is one the economic
9:19 am
pieces people are saving more than spending >>rob black: usually not much
9:20 am
but if you're doing a connecting flight in the connecting flight and flying off with across the coast at the to the premium, received in large kitchen knife with a budget the charge of uptalk and beakers to for long flights to and what to bay meadows that in between to the people in the pregnancy if japan would take some of the
9:21 am
pain >>rob black: in may, the travel >>rob black: given a 3 percent matching and percent of the cash cow for you with that 6 percent extra free money the power of compounding is amazing
9:22 am
>>rob black: will be nice if that happened of the local high was and is available to all for the last monthly payment was a major bill to afford less house which in theory sounds and is going to be bad news for the housing stock.
9:23 am
>>rob black: i will stay long and medieval whirlpool. >>mark: we will prepack--be right back. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>>reporter: 10 credibly made it to 3 million mark this week she told the magazine the she's tied to corporate friends in that called the moment i feel someone is using we are in for the reasons i have zero build about cutting them out of my life
9:27 am
>>james: will have the forecast for to attempt to right now on the chilly sought special enough they are still some of the third letter this afternoon will be doing all right for the forecast for the no. they were temperatures will be in the mid fifties.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: every step is being taken to cook and i say if continually evaluating our security there possibly work and to detect polyps from the specific credible threat of some covered at the pulpit will be immediately informed
9:31 am
>>james: ever to live you in trouble forecasting a to the spirit of the bill was a snow with the what storm warnings in effect until known to have some light snow falling what knocker heading down to los angeles and southern california to visit family or friends this thanksgiving the wet weather was have you the stock spurted was dissipated
9:32 am
>>james: the high tides will still be with us this morning and tomorrow morning with those king ties with a is exceptionally high in may some small mine are bird flooding here and around the bay. >>george: is an incident free delay free ride home from the they read now a sunday morning for a drive from the bench if you're heading out look for 10 minutes to track time here for you're ride out of the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco of the richmond bridge ride into marin county from interstate 588 minutes now to get to over 2101 and san rafael. >>mark: aaa said more than 47
9:33 am
million americans will travel of its 50 mi. from their home today it for sunday extra time is the most of added security and more passengers we're live as a folk look at the line so far this morning. >>will tran: sfo were getting into the wall in this morning commute we've seen a back to where the line a security checkpoint just like the town and everyone is on their minds whether there really fearful my about the terror alert what happened and friends and they're also fearful of being late for their flights the wanted men
9:34 am
should the people see the fear here to make sure everyone feel safe early but an hour ago we had a chance to talk to some travelers.
9:35 am
>>will tran: off light this morning on time going 16 and also for the season than the clothes giving the team ready before the start of the game against the lakers last night. >>mark: the warriors c'mon down the line with the figaro he was born on scored 24. draymond green from the crowd with his three he was finished with 18 on the night and the fans liked and the players like it the steph curry briefing this--doing
9:36 am
things. 111-77. >>mark: back to the new was happening now a man accused of stabbing his parents to death will be arraigned this afternoon some, superior court a 34 year-old wilson was arrested monday morning and mikhail after a statewide alert was issued investigators searched for him by his of his parents david wilson and adrian chapter was found inside of the home to gospel they say his uncle saw the man at home with blood stains on his body family and friends said he is schizophrenic and the times can be difficult to deal with he's been held without bail in the sonoma county jail. >>mark: identified the man that
9:37 am
was shot and killed while driving and control early this month this st. anthony of ringlet of san mateo was killed he was shot there the pinole valley road two weeks ago this video from the scene this and he was shot by someone in another car the pastor was also in the in the shooting they're still try to figure out of the shooting is connected to another shooting set our committee services is giving out thousands of food boxes to low income families for thanksgiving and still 400 turkish truck for the final day distribution is the animal for 200 boxes monday morning or fell thousandfold boxes are expected today.
9:38 am
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>>mark: 70 and flights to and of some busy l 489 the it the $300 below what normally of on the
9:41 am
beat the headphones their hundred and $29 bettors down from 251 of a comeback will talk more about what type of what you can expect was to get to the resort.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>james: we have a few snow showers after that will start to
9:45 am
clear things out the was a cold and most cloud for thursday it is once the matif ended up there but if you want to have been issued great at it-
9:46 am
>>james: kid to jacket handy you need it all day long overnight temperatures tonight into thursday will be on the cold side 23 into the abyss of to the summit a 10 and north star 22 record corn with more moralist opening with each passing week it would get more snow-is track
9:47 am
in 11 minutes with the eastbound and westbound. >>george: the volume of traffic into san the ride in and out of the east bay and the rich and bridge was 4:00 in the morning that is all like the traffic is. >>mark: the webers chief engineer said the employes to
9:48 am
work in the did not cause any major changes to water quality to many fish he's trying to get the ok to employ the maiming 21 appears to sign with the use of brokered to protect what (from the grief from spreading into what it was measured after the blast and was better than the spiff sphere--expected. >>mark: russian president vladimir announced the arrest of this morning the pilot was rescued a 12 hour operation is all back russia's air base and syria the of the pilot was killed when a turkish fighter jets shot the russian jet down the foreign minister said the foreign ministers of both countries have agreed to discuss the down and the turkey says happened because the russian jet into a turkish air space.
9:49 am
>>mark: the video ponce america and it comes as president obama and french president francois but at the white house incident president obama said the u.s. and france sent together in the fight against the terrorists responsible for the attacks in paris. >>mark: and amassed by to those killed in france terror attack 130 people died in the attack nearly two weeks ago you could see the crowds gathering at the funerals held in paris over the past few days of those killed 105 were from citizens on friday that or national tribute to the victims he is expected to attend along with many of the 350 people were injured in the attack and shows refashion u.s.
9:50 am
flag as a corporate not see german imperial eagle and a rise in some slum where the complaint also submitted the worst sense of people rosa is what killed when the war there were originally scheduled to be in place to december 14th of their being taken down. >>mark: the royal transportation statistics said for every 1000 bags with 3.3 the lost that is contrary to $70.30 lost evans thousand died in 2007. >>mark: a custodian at the hoover child of jesus church and clean to your cause was time for
9:51 am
lunch on monday couch and her baby crying he looked in the manger and activities in the fun of the stretch as all newborn baby wrapped in towels emergency crew out and want to the hospital he's doing ok this morning the have a safe haven long that allows people to drop off newborns anonymously and a church or hospital for five sets without getting into trouble with the baby has to be left with someone says that the not have them looking for the person response perron's the annual report on hazardous toys and twin safety is out just in time for holiday shopping season the group looked at 121 to 12 so that major retailers in dollar stores matters minute talk to toys on the list this year with there's still some 20 or flax is dangerous because the have toxic chemicals others were too loud and others were choking hazards.
9:52 am
there was on the one toy that was tested have leveled the rawhide and the new stricter federal limit that was the more for bath action figure. >>mark: the from buffalo jump rope and the disk packs are figuring from nemo. >>mark: many stores open their doors early in your skills as well the things in the house for some top retailers as it has formed a study is almost all men to open up the black private deals won't start until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow target close this year's open at 6:00 p.m. also opening the 6:00 as macy's with a early as hauler start ever.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: they're making history last night setting and the record to the best part to a seasoned than not 16 wins and zero losses as they crossed the lakers won 11 to 77 to score 24 points in this one he helped out with a team of the warriors' next game is friday night president obama addressing the nation to talk about national security the president says is
9:56 am
understandable that the public is worried that a tax cut the one that's happened parents could happen on u.s. soil but they're encouraging people to go about their normal thanksgiving activities people with the cliff and the czech watching the area with the cold as the story high- temperature is only near 50 degrees tomorrow morning will be here for you live study of 4:00 a.m. for your coverage will have more on the forecast of give back story to mount it will be below freezing in minimum balance mounts the warmer side on the coming up near the 50 degree mark.
9:57 am
>>mark: it in the tradition to spare and turkey there to contest as a ticket and commerce and other unnamed aide to raise of california and the best of the tech to call from this awful loss and the seat you can vote on line for which one will be the official national thanksgiving turkey the other one will be the ultimate eye the way they will both the spirit and go about the rest of the alliance at a farm near mount vernon and virginia. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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